The Power Of Less

Imagine doing less but get more done.

Toni Tatsuyah
1 min readMay 6, 2021
Photo by Mark Rivera on Unsplash

For the last weeks, I always think about doing more is the best way to get a productive day.

The article about productivity inspired me to write this story.

More of downloading apps. More of watching videos on how to start something. Listen to different opinions on how to do stuff. But in the end? What matters?

It matters what we really what to do. Not strafing around and just looking for the perfect answer. The one solution that brings everything in the magical order.


We just need to start. Creating more than we consume. Creating our own way and perspective.

Start with what we have and learn from these experiences. This process nurtures your own mind and methods.


You can use a specific review time to look at your actions and your results you get. It’s a necessary part of creating a path for improvement.

The review helps to see which parts you getting good and which parts you need to take care of.


After you did your review you can adjust your next steps. Improving, supporting your goals. Eliminate unnecessary things which hold your progress back.