It’s always good to go for fun.

This time my intention is to write about review an app.

It’s less complicated. I take my time and can add screenshots to it’s more like a collection. The collection of thoughts and opinions. Which is part of my review. This allows me to have more freedom and a structure about my review.

Put photos inside this order and then write a kit the picture I took.

Get a general story type writing style. For example a 3 arc storyline.

Beginning, progress and ending.

Start, main part, finish.

3 is the best method of using the mental attention span of the average user time for information.



Sometimes the boredom eats my time.

So I’m here to write about things I reflect on. I thought it’s a good idea to start writing.

The idea to share my thoughts about reality and progression. Feelings of curiosity and kindness. Making life more interesting and enjoyable.

The idea of getting ahead with a YouTube channel about tech. About apps in the App Store which I use myself.

Starting my life in documentation. Hold on the journey with my camera and ideas about the new me.